Would you get funny? Jealousy issue?

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Would you get funny? Jealousy issue?

Post  Claire-Joannah-Rhymes2b on Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:51 am

Meeee, again lol
Sorry to keep on today but on tis one any advice would really help.
Let me explain the situation....i met h2b 2 months after my best mate got with her guy - when i moved away - they split up but got back together about a year later.
Now as some of you know she was meant to be BM at my December wedding....around the time i booked my wedding her and her bloke were on rough ground, spes as he was away with the army in Afghan....when he came back 2 about a month ago they made up and he proposed...she accepted and they were looking to set a date for September 2011 time....in the meantime as said before a few days ago i postponed untill the 21st of July - i text her to tell her and her first reply was 'why?' i went onto explain to her and she text then to say they had booked a venue for the 5th of August!
Now iam really happy for her and personally think its amazing that we are nearer enough date twins - but it dosent look like she shares the same opinion...i then went onto to text her 'we can plan together now' ( in an non patronising non pushy way) i never heard from her again that day.
Now im used to my oldest friend texting me every other day - she has not done this since my text about the change of date. I text her earlier to see if she would posibly want to enquire about a joint hen do - her reply, short and sharp - 'not having it abroad sorry' that was it!
Now some of you might be thinking...iam being abit over the top and over reacting, but i know her better than most and she is not usually this cold or offish - do you think it could be that she feels peed off that my wedding is just before hers? Maybe she feels abit 'put out' that i will get the attention from our friends before her? Ahh i dont know! She just seem to have gone weired all of a sudden. i personally couldnt care if mine was the day after hers....aslong as we both had the most amazing day! How would you feel girls if you were her?
I dont want her to feel like that but i also know she can be the jelous type from time to time.
I have not been pushy atall, just an excited friend happy for her, ive offered her that if she wants any help or advice planning her wedding im tere for her - but its like shes starting to blank me.
Any advice or opnions here.....?

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Re: Would you get funny? Jealousy issue?

Post  zepsgal (admin) on Fri Jun 11, 2010 7:15 am

Maybe you are right, she is annoyed that you have 'stolen her thunder'. But the thing is, there is only so many weeks in a year, when would she have you get married? Anytime as long as its after her? Its not a competition, its not a race, you picked another date that was suitable for you, she shouldnt really be acting funny with you!

Dont get me wrong, I think its natural for her to be a bit annoyed. Well maybe annoyed isnt the right word. I dont know what the right word is. I hope she is just having a wee moment to herself, and you two can get on with being friends and helping each other out with the wedding plans.

x x


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