why are my family nuts?!

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why are my family nuts?!

Post  Jes-MrsPhillips on Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:58 am

we have less then 6 weeks to go and again my family are stirring the shit!

mostly it's my mother and my 18 year old sister. nothing i do is good enough for them. apparently i'm ashamed of where i've come from because i've choosen to stay at a b&b the night before with my MOH rather then at my parents house... which is only because there is no room for my and my dress anywhere in their house plus the fact last time i stayed there, i had to sleep on the living room floor... not something i want to do the night before my wedding.

my sister is pissed off that i didn't want her as a bridesmaid. we don't get on. never have and i doubt we ever will. she wouldn't have enjoyed being a bridesmaid, wouldn't have come shopping with me, wouldn't have worn anything that i liked and would have ended up just causing even more fuss then she has already.

apparently i 'flash the cash' as my mother so happily put it. rich and i saved for our wedding so can afford to have the things we want! also when i went for my hair trail i had to pay for my wedding day make up as my mum hadn't brought the money with her as she said she'd pay for it. i'm getting married 100 miles from where i live so needed to know it was sorted!

i'm just sick of being the bad guy! it's gotten to the point where i don't want them there if they can't be nice and normal for one day and i hate feeling like that!!!!!
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